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18th May 2018

Please note that

only horses with up to date

vaccinations will

be permitted to

take part in any of our events

Passports should

be brought to

all Club activities for Spot

Checks to be made

If vaccs are not

up to date, you will not be

able to take part




16th-18th @ Lindores

Autumn Camp

20th @ South Leckaway

FW Instruction with Toni Graham BHSAI IntSM

SEPT 2019



3rd @ South Leckaway

SJ Instruction with Toni Graham BHSAI IntSM

8th @ South Leckaway

Dressage Derby Day

10th @ South Leckaway

FW Instruction with Julie Speirs BHSAI (APC)

14th @ South Leckaway

Dressage Championships - The four riders taking part this year are Lynn Clark, Mary Kidd, Fiona Shepherd and Dianne Forsyth.  This will be judged by Kristine Hynd

15th @ South Leckaway

Working Hunter Training with Julie Speirs BHSAI (APC)

19th @ South Leckaway

Setting Up for Autumn SJ Show

To follow

21st @ South Leckaway

Autumn Showjumping Show and Working Hunter Competition with 2020 Blair Qualifier

28th & 29th @ Auchlishie

Scottish Riding Club Championships (formerly Saddle Up International).  Once again, the Club are subsidising entries for members.  PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ENTRY FEES FOR THE HORSE TRIALS HAVE BEEN REDUCED FURTHER

OCT 2019



5th @ Bractullo

FW Instruction with Hamish Cameron BHSII (APC)

6th @ Bractullo

SJ Instruction with Toni Graham BHSAI (APC) Int SM

12th @ Bractullo

SJ Instruction with Julie Speirs BHSAI (APC)

13th @ Bractullo

FW Instruction with Carol Stanley BHSII (APC) UKCC Level 3

19th @ Auchlishie

Winter Showjumping Leagues & NN Showjumping

27th @ Bractullo

Winter Dressage Leagues & NN Dressage

To follow

NOV 2019



2nd @ Bractullo

Diana Zajda Clinic (BHSI {APC} UKCC Level 3)- FW

3rd @ Bractullo

Diana Zadja Clinic (BHSI {APC} UKCC Level 3) - SJ

9th @ Auchlishie

Winter SJ Leagues and NN SJ

16th @ Bractullo

SJ Instruction with Shelagh Steven BHSSM/II (APC) UKCC Level 3, BD Recognised Coach

17th @ Bractullo

FW Instruction with Shonagh Stark BHSII (APC)

24th @ Bractullo

Winter Dressage Leagues & NN Dressage

To follow

League Rules are available here

List of Annually Presented Trophies click here


Club Field,

South Leckaway,

Forfar. DD8 1XF

Auchlishie Eventing,

Cortachy, Kirriemuir,

Angus, DD8 4LS.

Bractullo Mill Equestrian Centre, Letham, Angus